R&D Engineer

Job Description – R&D Engineer

The R&D Engineer is responsible for design and development of the various parts of the medical device. The R&D Engineer must understand and meet the needs of other functional groups and communicate the issues that arise during the design process working together with the necessary/designated groups towards design solutions.
The development portion of the job includes assisting in creating meaningful specifications and testing to insure those specifications are met from lab bench test development to design validation approval
The R&D engineer is responsible for maintaining design testing and change records in a lab notebook and creating, releasing and performing testing.
Needs to maintain the highest standards of engineering quality, professional responsibility, and corporate integrity.


  • Design and develop medical devices in collaboration with the other functional groups in the company as well as end users outside the company
  • Testing of devices from early feasibility to design validation including creation execution and reporting writing
  • Modifying released design utilizing the document control system as well as identifying and creating new or repeat testing for design validation
  • Collaboration with other groups to insure smooth workflow and adherence to timelines
  • Manage technical partners/ vendors supporting product development activities where asked
  • Work closely with end users (Doctors and other medical professionals) during the development of the project
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with all levels of personnel and management


  • BS degree in Mechanical or Biomedical Engineering
  • Experience with design and development of products including machined, molded and extrude parts
  • Catheter and nitinol development experience a plus
  • Medical device company experience a plus
  • Solidworks proficiency
  • Hands on bench prototyping and limited production skills
  • Design of mechanisms
  • Material properties and how they affect design
  • Sense of urgency with a solid commitment to quality